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Tidbits of Conversations

We were all having a cookie this evening….I decided to have another (which made a total of 2 cookies, not over doing it if you ask me!)….
Kayla (as she gives me a look), “Mommy, you are about to turn into a cookie!”


I decided to bribe offer the kids a chocolate milkshake since they were so quick with their baths/shower.  I started making it and this is the convo I had with Andrew…..

Andrew:  Do you know how to make milkshakes without even looking at a recipe?

Me: Yep, I sure do!

Andrew:  Wow, that is INCREDIBLE!!  (hope he’s always this easy to please 🙂


We are having leftover pizza for dinner.  It’s thin crust so I know the kids can eat more than the hand tossed stuff.  But, Andrew has already had 4 squares of it and asks for more.

Me:  Really?  You want another piece?

Andrew:  No, I want three more pieces.

Me:  Let’s try just one more and see how you feel.

Andrew:  Why?  I’m a growing MAN!!!!


Me : Kayla, where is the yellow shirt that goes with these pants?

Kayla : I don’t know.  Maybe hanging up?

Me:  No, it’s not.  I’ve looked there and I haven’t seen that shirt in a while.

Kayla:  Like I already said, I DON’T KNOW!!!


Kenzie (walking in my bathroom and sits down) : Mommy, I have a boo boo on my foot.

Me : You do?  I don’t see anything.  I think it’ll be OK.

Kenzie (as she gets up and walks away) :  Yeah, Mommy!  It’s OK.  Look, I’m walking!  It’s OK!!


We were in Indy celebrating my niece and nephew’s baptisms.  My sister, Kelly, was changing her son, Tyler’s, diapers……

Kenzie was watching the entire process VERY closely.  All of a sudden, she points to Tyler and says, “My broder got one of those!!”  We could NOT stop laughing!!!


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Snow Days/ Valentine’s Day activities

We’ve had MANY snow days here.  One too many for me.  It’s given us a chance to do all our Valentine’s day crafts and lots of other crafty activities though.  We’ve made Valentine’s sugar cookies, heart flakes (where some really just look like snow flakes, but the kids don’t care), heart activity Valentine’s for all their teachers, and this other sticky heart activity that the kids loved doing but it definitely was messy.

First up, the Valentine’s for the teachers.  It’s made on a clothespin with a magnet on the back so that the teachers can put it on a filing cabinet or something….

Can you tell they want nothing to do with me taking their picture? They just want to get started.

The finished products....I'm sure you can tell which ones were made by a 2 year old by looking at sticker placement and her drawing 🙂

Next up, the Valentine’s cookies.  Always a hit at this house.  And, the best. recipe. ever.  You can find it at Three More Bites.

Look at that concentration! She has her tongue sticking out she's working so hard!

Look at all those yummy cookies!!

We then moved on to the heart flakes. Andrew loved doing these, Kayla did most of it and then got frustrated, and Kenzie and I did hers together.  Ours don’t look exactly like the example.  Some look like hearts on the outside and some look like regular snowflakes, but the kids loved them and that’s all that really matters, right?!?

Appropriate given all the snow/ice/sleet we had outside

Last, but not least, the sticky hands, warm hearts craft.  It was definitely sticky hands.  My kids aren’t so much for getting their hands messy so I did that part.  So, no pictures of the process just the end result.  They did harden enough to hang over time, but ours took longer than the 24 hours that it said.  The kids were happy with them.

in the drying process....

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Still more fun in the snow….

I really feel like the only thing we have done since I re-started this blog is play in the snow.  Or make cookies.  Or both.  I am a girl that loves snow in December.  I love snow for Christmas.  I love taking my kids sledding and playing in the snow.  However, I am a girl that could be finished with all that by about January 3rd.  I’m really quite over all this snow we have been getting.  But, it did give me a cute picture of my three kids together!  Next up – all the Valentine’s crafts/projects/cookie making that we have done these last couple of snow days…..


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Fun in the Snow!!

Our kids LOVE to play in the snow.  There can be minimal amounts of snow on the ground and they are ready to go!  They especially love sledding and lucky for us, we have a great snow hill on our property….we don’t even have to load up in the car to go sledding now!  That’s definitely a plus to this move 🙂

This is how they sled.....Kayla and Andrew on one sled, pulling Kenzie on the toddler sled behind them! I wish I had Kenzie's laugh on video when they did this!

I had to get one group picture of the three of them. This is as good as it gets.

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Ringing in 2011

We brought in the new year with some of our new neighbors and their kiddos.  It was a fun night filled with lots of appetizers and a wii bowling tournament.  The three Moms ended up in the finals of the tournament.  GO us!

The girls LOVED this! They wouldn't let Kirk stop.

The kids absolutely loved the hats, horns, crowns, etc.


Me and my girls!

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I’m back!

So, one of my new years resolutions is to get this blog going again.  One, because people won’t stop leaving me alone about it.  Two, it serves as a memory book of sorts for my kids.  Three, I really do enjoy doing it.  I just need to get more organized to have time set aside to do it.  We’ll see how this goes.

So, since I posted NOTHING in 2010 I thought I would start with a quick review in numbers.

1 = the number of children we found out we will be adding to our family!

2 = the number of states we crossed in our permanent move this summer

= one niece and one nephew added to our family

= the number of family weddings we had this year

3 = the number of vacations we took that were already scheduled between finding out we were actually moving and the move

7 = the number of weeks that Kirk was in our new state and I was in the old one before we were back together as a family

40 something = the number of houses we looked at before deciding on one

We also fit in a short trip to Disney thanks to Kirk having a convention there, a trip to Cincinnati to watch the Cardinal’s and celebrate my Dad’s 60th Birthday, I ran my first half marathon, I celebrated 15 years out of high school, and we attempted to get a new house organized.  Needless to say, it was a very busy year.  Here’s to hoping I can find the time to set aside to keep up with this!

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Family Pic/ Kayla’s Christmas Program

A family picture taken after Kayla’s Christmas program at school…..

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Attempt #7

Finally!  I got a picture of the kids that I liked for our Christmas cards.  After 7 attempts, I was ready to put an individual picture of all three on one card.  It was CRAZY trying to get one picture I loved!  For those of you that didn’t see it already, here you go!

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Mommy Daughter Day

Kayla and I went with the neighbors to see a disney ice show.  So. Much. Fun.  – for many reasons.  So fun to just spend some time with Kayla.  So fun to see all the different expressions on her face watching the show.  So fun being with the neighbors.  So fun getting to watch Kayla really interact with a friend (usually I don’t notice this as much as I have 2 other kids to watch also).  Just had a blast with her.

I think Kayla's favorite part was Minnie Mouse with all the Disney princesses.

Kayla wouldn't even look at me long enough to take a picture. She wanted to see the entire show!

Kayla and I during intermission....couldn't get this during the show!

Our so fun neighbors, Kim and Avery.

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A Full Basket

We were getting the kids ready for bed one night, and Kirk came into the room to this…..she’s just relaxing in a very. tiny. basket.

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